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Linda A. Gupta, Ph.D., LCSW

Distance education coordinator and associate professor in teaching

Email: lagupta@vcu.edu

Phone: (804) 828-3405

Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University
M.S.W., Virginia Commonwealth University
B.A., University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Linda Gupta, Ph.D. is an associate professor of teaching and serves as the coordinator of the distance education format of the M.S.W. Program at the VCU School of Social Work. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who brings over twenty years’ experience providing services to children, youth, adults, families, and groups in a variety of public, nonprofit, and private mental health settings. She has taught both foundation and clinical concentration courses. Her research interests include the nexus of trauma with story and images. She is interested in the development of digitally generated media such as narrative hypertext, virtual reality, and other immersive learning experiences for social work education.

Gupta joined the School of Social Work as a trainer and curriculum writer for Virginia’s IV-E partnership. She subsequently served as director of VCU’s Child Welfare Stipend Program, and later, as director of the school’s Continuing Education Program. Gupta is passionate about lifelong learning and in her work as Distance Education Coordinator, is dedicated to making professional social work education accessible throughout Virginia.

Selected presentations

Gupta, L.A. (April 13, 2017). Writing Collaborative Narratives in the Online Practice Classroom. Presented at the Social Work Distance Education Conference. San Antonio, Texas (national conference).

Ward, C. and Gupta, L.A. (April 13, 2017). Development of the PhD Student as a Distance Education Educator. Gupta, L.A. (April 13, 2017). A Roundtable presented at the Social Work Distance Education Conference. San Antonio, Texas (national conference).

The Pedagogy of Virtual Learning Environments: a Natural Habitat for Social Work Educators – April 13, 2016, Social Work Distance Education Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana

From Yoda – “Do or Do Not. There Is No Try: Teaching Practice Online” – April 15, 2015, Social Work Distance Education Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana


Selected publications

Gupta, L.A.  (accepted, expected 2018).Skills practice (using video recorders to record role plays). In L. Hitchcock, M. Sage, & N.J. Smyth. Teaching Social Work with Digital Technology. Alexandra, VA: CSWE Press.