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Leslie A. Choplin portrait

Leslie A.C. Aitken, D.Ed.Min.

Ph.D. Program coordinator

Email: lachoplin@vcu.edu

Phone: (804) 828-1044

Ed.Min, Columbia Theological Seminary
MACE, Union Presbyterian
B.A., Wake Forest University

Leslie A.C. Aitken is the Ph.D. Program coordinator for the VCU School of Social Work. She works as a liaison between the program director, doctoral faculty, prospective students and current students. She facilitates many of the administrative processes of the program as well as aids the community members to degree completion. She works with prospective students from first contact to helping integrate new students into the community in collaboration with faculty and doctoral student leaders. Additionally, Aitken serves as the lead coordinator for the Ph.D. Graduate Research Assistantships and as a liaison with university administration for the Ph.D. program.  

In her spare time, Aitken facilitates workshops and speaks in Episcopal congregations, dioceses and conferences across the United States. Her passion for creating conversation and safe communities informs her work and writing around the importance of sexuality education. She also maintains membership in FORMA and Religious Education Association.

Previously, she worked as a youth consultant with St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church in Carmel Valley, CA. For 8 years she served as a Director of Christian Education and sexual misconduct prevention trainer in multiple congregations for the Diocese of Virginia.

Learn more about Leslie's book These Are Our Bodies: Foundation Book Talking Faith & Sexuality at Church and Home

Selected publications and presentations

Choplin, L. and Beaumont, J. (2016) These Are Our Bodies – Foundation Book: Talking Faith & Sexuality at Church & Home. New York, NY: Church Publishing, Inc.

Choplin, L. (2019, February) Let’s Talk about Sex 4-week series. Facilitator with campus ministry at Grace & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Richmond, VA.

Choplin, L. (2018, October) Family Focus Forum: Sexuality. Oral presentation at Grace & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Richmond, VA.

Choplin, L. (2017, March) We Need to Talk. Keynote presentation at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific Youth Ministry Symposium, Berkeley, CA.

Choplin, L. (2017, January) Starting the Conversation: Sexuality Discussion for Everyone. Oral presentation at the FORMA Annual Conference, Garden Grove, CA.

Choplin, L. (2016, October) These Are Our Bodies: Sexuality Conversation across the lifespan. Oral presentation at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Richmond, VA.