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Anna Cody portrait

Anna M. Cody

Ph.D. candidate


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M.S., Hunter College, City University of New York
B.A., Virginia Commonwealth University

Anna Cody is a doctoral candidate at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work. Drawing on her experiences as an educator and a research assistant, Cody uses applied research tools to advance social justice for children and youth, and, more specifically, to critical use of space, place, voice, and power. She is particularly interested in using these tools to advance children’s rights in social systems that serve children and youth and for examining the impacts of policy change within those systems on children, families and social workers.

Cody has collaborated on research projects about human trafficking, intimate partner violence and childhood victimization. In addition to her doctoral work, she served as the data and policy specialist for a Virginia statewide demonstration project to enhance responses to children and youth who experienced victimization and to improve collaboration among systems that work with children. Cody is currently completing her dissertation, which focuses on strengthening children’s participation in care and safety planning within child welfare systems. She looks forward to continuing research that supports the development of spaces that center youth voice and action in social decision-making processes and systems.

Cody goes by she/her/hers.

Find out more about Anna’s dissertation study here.



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