Doctoral research

Selected student presentations

Casey, R.C., & Compton, K.S. (2017, October). Freire and the Grand Challenges: Problem-posing and praxis in social work classrooms. Interactive workshop at the Council on Social Work Education 63rd Annual Program Meeting; Dallas, TX.

Casey, R.C., & Bentley, K.J. (2016, June). Incarcerated women’s experiences and beliefs about psychotropic medication: An empirical study. Paper presentations at the National Organization of Forensic Social Work Annual Conference; New Orleans, LA.

Cody, A.M., & Shin. S. (2018, January). Prevention resources, community capacity and child maltreatment: A hierarchical linear modeling analysis. Paper accepted for presentation at the Society for Social Work Research Annual Conference, Washington, D.C.

Compton, K.S., Cummings, C., Aliev, F., Bares, C., Mustanski, B., Dick, D., & Chartier, K.G. (2018, January). Social stressors and genetic influences in African-American adolescents: Evaluating precursors of alcohol-use risk behaviors. Paper presentation at the annual meeting of Society for Social Work and Research. Washington, D.C.

Compton, K.S. & Cody, A.M. (2017, May). Mapping the Possibilities. International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL.

Massey, M. (2017, October).  Social work educators as "white allies": A critical examination of the literature.  Presented at The Council on Social Work Education 63rd Annual Program Meeting; Dallas, TX.

Prorock-Ernest, A. (2017, May). The meaning of health and healing among Virginia Indian people connected with a reservation-based, non-federally funded health clinic. Oral presentation at the Thirteenth International Council of Qualitative Inquiry; Urbana-Champaign, IL.

Swan, L. E. T., & Im, H. (2018, April). Mental health consequences of female genital mutilation on Somali refugees in Kenya. Poster session presented at the annual conference of Virginia Commonwealth University Institute for Women’s Health, Richmond, VA.

Recently completed dissertations

Casey, Rachel C. (May 2018) Mental Health Difficulties and Service Use of Incarcerated Women: The Influence of Violent Perpetration and Victimization. Committee Members: Dr. Kia J. Bentley, Chair; Drs. Sarah Kye Price, Shelby E. McDonald, Nancy Morris (VCU Dept of Criminal Justice)

Rosenberg, Rachel D. (May 2018) Strengthening social networks of youth aging out of foster care: Promoting positive adult outcomes. Committee Members: Dr. Elizabeth M.Z. Farmer, Chair; Drs. Traci L. Wike, Youngmi Kim, M. Alex Wagaman, Michael Broda (VCU School of Education)

Cummings, Cory  (Aug 2017) The Anatomy of CBPR: A Case Study of CBPR Implementation for Health Promotion with the Peer Community. Committee Members: Dr. Kia J. Bentley, Chair; Drs. Liz Cramer, Sarah Kye Price, Rebecca S. Etz (VCU Dept. of Family Medicine and Population Health)

Jettner, Jennifer  (May 2017) Community Gardens: Exploring race, racial diversity and social capital in urban food deserts. Committee Members: Dr. Mary C. Secret, Chair; Drs. Patrick V. Dattalo, Elizabeth Farmer, Meghan Gough (VCU Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs)

Prorock-Ernest, Amy  (May 2017) Walking in beauty: Responsive and responsible health and healing among Virginia American Indian people. Committee Members: Dr. M. Alex Wagaman, Chair; Drs. Mary Katherine O’Connor, Sarah Kye Price, Maghboeba Mosavel (VCU Dept. of Health Behavior and Policy)