Student success


In social work, nobody goes alone, and we recognize that our students will need help along their journey.

The Office of Student Success embraces a holistic approach to support students from the moment they express interest in the School of Social Work to long after they’ve graduated. Whether working with a prospective student or one just weeks away from commencement, we believe in the power of individualized support and attention.

As students transition into our school, work to excel and make a difference, and connect with their peers and their communities, they’ll encounter student success advisers and mentors along their journey who will help light the path.

For prospective and newly admitted students

Scheduling visits, navigating the admissions process, writing your personal statement and finding an apartment can be hectic and trying. But through the Office of Student Success, you can square everything away with the help of a wide range of services that include:

  • Discovery Days and open houses that provide a firsthand experience of what our programs are all about
  • Student success advisers who remain in your corner from the moment you express interest in one of our programs throughout your academic journey
  • B.S.W. and M.S.W. peer mentors who can provide guidance and answer questions as only a current student can
  • Assistance to incoming students to aid with a successful transition to the social work program and the community
  • Information and assistance with financial resources, such as scholarships

For current students

Juggling course work, financial concerns and everyday life can seem overwhelming at times. The Office of Student Success can help each student navigate these demands and thrive through an expansive support network and services that include:

  • Student success advisers who will serve as a sounding board and referral source for academic and personal issues, with flexibility and, above all, empathy
  • B.S.W. and M.S.W. peer mentors who can help other students adapt to and take advantage of all of the opportunities VCU and Richmond have to offer inside and outside of the School of Social Work
  • School of Social Work writing adviser with a comprehensive approach to providing professional and research writing support for students at all stages of course work and proficiency
  • Welcoming and engaging academic and social experiences throughout students’ time with us
  • Connection to special interest workshops, lasting friendships and professional networks through our student associations
  • Information and assistance with financial resources such as scholarships
  • Career and job preparation workshops and networking activities
  • Information and assistance with school policies, such as the Student Policy Handbook‌