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Matthew Bogenschutz portrait

Matthew Bogenschutz, Ph.D.

Associate professor

Email: mdbogenschut@vcu.edu

Phone: (804) 828-2863

Postdoctoral fellow, University of Minnesota
Ph.D., University of Minnesota
M.S.W., University of Minnesota
B.S., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Matthew Bogenschutz’s research centers on the policies and practices that support community living for people with disabilities, with a particular focus on workforce development for direct support professionals, social inclusion of people with disabilities in their communities and the effects of policy change on outcomes for individuals with disabilities. His current work, federally funded through the National Institutes on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research, integrates data on support needs, Medicaid expenditures and personal outcomes for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to develop a picture of how program costs translate to life outcomes for people in this population. Much of his current research is conducted in collaboration with the Partnership for People with Disabilities, Virginia’s University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities.

Bogenschutz specializes in courses on social welfare policy. In addition to his work in the classroom, he engages students in policy advocacy experiences, including the VCU School of Social Work Federal Policy Fellows Program and the Social Work Lobby Day at the Virginia General Assembly. In addition, Bogenschutz serves as the social work core faculty for the interprofessional MCHB-funded Virginia Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Program, which brings together students and faculty from 13 disciplines across VCU.

Bogenschutz had over 10 years of experience in the field, managing residential facilities for individuals with disabilities and as a mental health clinician.

Notable awards, honors and appointments

  • 2015 Council on Social Work Education, Disability Manuscript Award
  • Co-chair, Council on Disabilities and Persons with Disabilities, Council on Social Work Education
  • NIDILRR Grant Review Panelist

Teaching areas and interests

Recent courses taught:

  • SLWK 422: Social Welfare Legislation and Services
  • SWKD 713: Social Policy Theory and Analysis
  • SLWK 380: Foundations of Social Work Research
  • SLWK 793/794: Concentration Field Education I and II
  • SLWK 492/792/SWKD 792: Independent Study
  • IDDS 604/605: LEND Seminar I and II
  • IDDS 672: Practicum in Disability Leadership

In addition to classroom-based teaching, Dr. Bogenschutz is highly invested in helping students succeed beyond the classroom. He is an active adviser and dissertation chair for social work Ph.D. students, facilitator for the VCU SSW’s Federal Policy Fellows program, and faculty for the interprofessional Virginia Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Program.

Research projects and funding

Current funded projects

Social Work Core Faculty on Virginia Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Program (LEND). Interprofessional education on neurodevelopmental disabilities, most notably autism. Funded by Maternal and Child Health Bureau.

Investigator on Virginia Costs and Outcomes Study for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Combines state Medicaid expenditure data with consumer outcome data to investigate the relationship between expenditures and outcomes in IDD services.

Funded by a Field Initiated grant from the National Institutes on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research.


Selected publications

Bogenschutz, M., Im, H., Liang, A., & Luong. L.Q. (in press). Vietnam and disability rights: Perspectives at the time of ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. International Journal of Disability, Development, and Education.

Dinora, P., Bogenschutz, M., & Broda, M. (in press). Identifying predictors for enhanced outcomes for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

Bogenschutz, M., Dinora, P., and Johnson, K. (in press). Case management workforce supporting people with ID/DD: Indications of a new frontier in the workforce crisis. Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Bogenschutz, M., DeCarlo, M., Hall-Lande, J., & Hewitt, A. (2019). Fiscal stewardship, choice, and control: The context of self-directed services for people with IDD in the United States. Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 57(2), 158-171.

DeCarlo, M., Bogenschutz, M., Hall-Lande, J., & Hewitt, A. (2019). Implementation of self-directed supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the United States. Journal of Disability Policy Studies, 30(1), 11-21. 

Dinora, P. & Bogenschutz, M. (2018). Narratives on the factors that influence family decision making for young children with autism spectrum disorder. Journal of Early Intervention. 

Selected online resources

Disability-Competent Care Curriculum Workgroup. (2018). Curricular Resource on Issues of Disability and Disability Competent Care. Alexandria, VA: Council on Social Work Education. 

Bogenschutz, M. (2018). Self-directed services: Tradeoffs and benefits for people with disabilities and their families. Impact, 31(1), 38-39. 

Bogenschutz, M., DeCarlo, M., and Hall-Lande, J. (2019, September). Stewardship, choice, and control: The context of self-direction for people with IDD. Webinar presented to the membership of Applied Self-Direction. 

Neill-Bowen, C., Bogenschutz, M., Ogden, L., Matich-Maroney, J., & Padilla, Y. (2019, May). Building skills to integrate disability-competent practice across the social work curriculum. Webinar sponsored by the Council on Social Work Education.