Strategic priorities plan

The VCU School of Social Work aligns its strategic priorities with the university's Quest 2028 strategic plan. Starting in September 2022, the school developed a series of goals following the Quest 2028 framework:

Diversity Driving Excellence

Champion diversity, equity and inclusion in all that we do and advance a conscientious drive to support a climate where excellence and success for all people are valued and differences are celebrated.

Group of people represented by black and gold blocks

Student Success

Ignite student success through curricular innovation, a holistic culture of care and an engaged and empowered workforce.

Person with arms raised with gold heart and gold star above

Research & Innovation to Address Societal Changes

Distinguish VCU as a vibrant public research university where researchers, educators, practitioners and entrepreneurs innovate together to improve lives and address societal challenges.

Black and gold lightbulb inside a gear

Thriving for All Communities

Deliver on our commitment to solving social and health inequities in partnership with communities.

Black and gold city scape of four buildings, each of increasing height; with a gold arrow pointing up and the bottom half of a globe below the city scape

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