Faculty and staff

Welcome to our section for school faculty and staff.

Resources for our faculty and staff are included in the school's internal, password-protected Canvas site. You must log in through VCU authentication in order to access the site. Among the resources are:

  • Getting started at VCU and the School of Social Work
  • Faculty resources
  • Staff resources
  • Office of Field Education
  • Research administration
  • School policies
  • Travel and purchasing
  • IT support
  • School documents archive
  • Navigating DocuSign
  • Canvas tutorials
  • Event planning 101
  • How do I? ...

Additional resources

Find our faculty and staff

If you're looking for our listings of faculty – including community-embedded (adjunct) faculty – and staff, please review our school directory page. You can easily search and sort by categories. 

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You'll find all the essential links you need, including email, myVCU, VCU RealTime, employment and benefits, navigating campus, health and safety, training and professional development, business and technology needs, policies, employee organizations, and information for new hires.