B.S.W. tuition and fees

VCU offers a number of tools for prospective (and current) students to estimate tuition and university fees

  • Use the undergraduate calculator; remember to select "Undergraduate - School of Social Work" for your program selection.
  • Remember to add any additional fees based on the selected major or program.
  • The Net Price Calculator can provide new college first-years with an early evaluation of educational costs and financial aid opportunities.
  • Understand the cost of attendance. COA is an estimate of educational expenses used to determine financial aid eligibility. These estimates are based on full-time attendance for the entire academic year. COA is a projected cost and does not represent the actual amount billed by VCU. Not all information will be applicable to students.


VCU reserves the right to adjust tuition costs as necessary. The university reserves the right to revise or alter all fees, regulations pertaining to student fees and fee collection procedures at any time. The VCU Board of Trustees sets official fees in June/July of each year. Students may be responsible for purchasing books and other materials for various courses throughout the program.

Have questions?

If you're a prospective student interested in the B.S.W. Program, please reach out to sswinfo@vcu.edu.