Scholarship instructions

Current students are eligible each academic year for a variety of school and university scholarships and other aid opportunities, and the school emails instructions and application details in late fall or early spring directly to students. Students should check their VCU email for this announcement.

Students are also encouraged to use VCU’s RAMS Scholarship HUB for additional scholarship opportunities offered by other schools and departments.

For questions regarding scholarships or the application process, please contact


VCU National Scholarship Office

The National Scholarship Office (NSO) assists students with applying to national and international fellowship and scholarship opportunities related to their academic and professional goals. The office researches and offers suggestions on opportunities that best suit students' aspirations, provides advice on how students can produce competitive applications, and connects students with vital resources to improve their materials.

Please note that they only support services for students seeking external funding outside of VCU, thus excluding scholarships awarded by VCU schools and departments. Schedule an appointment with the NSO online or email

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Have questions?

Current and prospective students are encouraged to contact the School of Social Work's Office of Student Success at