Four students gathered together inside with laptops and notebooks, laughing

“I like to tell students that they have a small task ahead of them: to go out and change the world. And while that usually elicits a chuckle or two, it’s true. As a social worker, you’re involved in one of the few professions dedicated to making a lasting change. The key rests in finding what change you want to make.”

– Rich Firth, field instructor and director, Communities in Schools of Virginia

The Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work is among only 56 programs in the country to educate social workers at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels. We bring emerging and established professionals at all stages of their development together in one environment because every experience brought to the table strengthens each of us as practitioners and educators.

We prepare Bachelor of Social Work graduates for beginning-level practice, Master of Social Work graduates for advanced practice and Ph.D. in Social Work graduates for the rigors of advancing and shaping the field through research and teaching.

These degrees aren’t the end of a journey. They’re the beginning.