CWSP 2024 graduates

Meet our next group of graduates committed to engaging families, supporting children and fostering connections.

The School of Social Work is pleased to share details about 15 of our 19 May and August 2024 graduates from the Child Welfare Stipend Program at VCU.

Cynthia Acevedo

Headshot of Cynthia Acevedo 

I choose child welfare so I can directly impact and improve the lives of vulnerable children and families facing challenging circumstances.”

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Lisa Allen

Headshot of Lisa Allen 

I have a passion for supporting parents and advocating for families. They are the building blocks of our communities.”

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Amelia Anderson

Headshot of Amelia Anderson 

What motivates me most about this work is its foundation of cultivating meaningful and purposeful relationships to impact positive change.”

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Pamela Barrett

Headshot of Pamela Barrett 

I have centered my life around being an agent of change, and I know that working in the child welfare field, I will be able to continue doing so.” 

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Eileanora Clock

Headshot of Eileanora Clock 

I enjoy using my skills to benefit other people and find working with youth and families to be the most rewarding way to use my energy.” 

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Shaquanna Davis

Headshot of Shaquanna Davis 

The system can be tough to navigate, and I want to be a positive force empowering families to see the light at the end of the tunnel and provide them the comfort of knowing that they are not alone.”

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Makenzie Fanney

Headshot of Makenzie Fanney 

The CWSP has not only provided me with knowledge, but also has provided a sense of community for me. The CWSP is a family, and we all turn to one another for advice and support.

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Destiny Fore

Headshot of Destiny Fore 

I choose child welfare because I believe having lived experience in the field creates more space for social change and advocacy within systems of oppression.”

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Jillian Fortney

Headshot of Jillian Fortney 

The CWSP gives me a safe space to use my voice and build a community around subjects that I am passionate about. It’s allowed me to learn in a hands-on way, take risks and try new things.”

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Dana Morrison

Headshot of Dana Morrison 

I chose child welfare because of a passion for helping youth and my personal beliefs and values of safety, trust and empathy.”

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Daniel Nallen

Headshot of Daniel Nallen 

I have always enjoyed and take pride in working with and serving children and youths because they are our future. They deserve safe, healthy, permanent homes and caregivers.”

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Angela-Marie Rone

Headshot of Angela-Marie Rone 

My involvement in the CWSP at VCU has built my resiliency as a professional social worker as I have learned that overcoming adversity is just an important part of growth as a practitioner.”

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Angel Ross

Headshot of Angela Ross 

The CWSP has enabled me to cultivate a social work practice rooted in cultural humility, and has empowered me to approach the client-social worker relationship through teamwork and mutual respect.”

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Jasmin Saunders

Headshot of Jasmin Saunders 

Knowing the impact of helping just one child motivates me to stay competent, fight for social justice and promote trauma-informed practices.”

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Shannon Williams

Headshot of Shannon Williams 

The CWSP at VCU has motivated me to always take opportunities to learn and lead, even in moments of uncertainty or self-doubt.”

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Applications closed for 2024-2025 cohort

Applications for the 2025-2026 cohort will open in October 2024.